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Error & Security Logs

The Gnosis Application has two logs: an Error and a Security log. The Error log is accessible by users with the Developer Role. Both logs are available to users with the Administrator Role.

Error Logs



Click the Clear toolbar button to clear the error logs.

Security Logs


All activity about a User is logged in the Security Logs. Each log entry includes the User’s Name, a Description, the Date and Time, and the IP Address. The following activities are recorded:

  • Account Created
  • Account Deleted
  • Registered – A new User Account has been created anonymously and is not enabled.
  • Login Enabled
  • Login Disabled
  • Logged In
  • Logged Out
  • Invalid Login
  • Password Changed
  • Linked External
  • Removed External
  • Membership Added
  • Membership Removed
  • Email Changed
  • Role Changed
  • Details Changed
  • Set Managed Team
  • Set Default Solution


Click the Clear toolbar button to clear the security logs.


Click the Export toolbar button to export the logs to an Excel document.