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Gnosis can be backed up and restored from the Gnosis Backups client. Backups can also be configured to schedule automatic backups.


Backup now

To manually create a backup, click the Backup Now toolbar button.

Restore Backup

Select the backup and click the Restore toolbar button to restore a backup.

Auto Backup Configuration

Set the Backup configuration settings to allow auto backups to execute,

Backup Every

Set the Backup/Every Configuration setting to configure the auto backup frequency. This is a dropdown list of days of the week.

Keep Last

Set the Backup/KeepLast configuration setting to specify the number of backups to keep.


Set the Mode configuration setting to specify the backup mode. This is a dropdown set of modes.

  • Full
  • Minimal

Name Prefix

Set the Backup/NamePrefix configuration setting to specify a prefix to the backup file name.


Set the Backup/Time configuration setting to specify the time to run the backup.

Time Zone

Set the Backup/TimeZone configuration setting to specify the timezone. This is a dropdown of global time zones.

Upload URL

Set the Backup/UploadUrl configuration setting to upload the backup file to a folder. This can be an AWS S3 bucket or Google Drive.