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Each Item Type can have an associated Lifecycle. Gnosis Lifecycles are State Machines that describe the possible States (or status) for the Item Type.

Item Types can share the same Lifecycle, and many Item Types do not have or need a Lifecycle.

Lifecycles have at least two States that describe an Item’s status. The Lifecycle must have a Start State and may have an optional Archive State.

The Start State is the initial status of an Item when it is created. Items in the Archive State are excluded from queries unless explicitly requested. The Archive State is essentially a soft delete in that it’s still in the database but is not visible to most users.

Items are Promoted from one State to the next, and only Users granted Permission by Identity Membership are allowed to Promote Items to the next State.

On Before and On After events are triggered when an Item is Promoted, allowing a Workflow to run, essentially a graphical Gnosis Script to perform any business logic required. If there is an error in the On Before Workflow, the Transition is canceled, and the Item remains in its current State.