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Gnosis Workflow and EventHandler-type Views can be triggered to handle User, Item, and Lifecycle State Transition events.

Create a Workflow or EventHandler-type View named the same as the event name. When an event occurs, all matching Workflows and EventHandler-type Views are executed.

Gnosis Identities control Permission to promote the Item to the next State, and for more complex business rules, Gnosis Script Expressions.

User Events

  • UserCreated
  • UserDeleted
  • UserEnabled
  • UserDisabled
  • UserEmailChanged
  • UserDetailsChanged
  • UserAddedToTeam
  • UserRemovedFromTeam

Item Events

  • ItemCreated
  • ItemChanged
  • ItemDeleted
  • ItemPromoted

State Transition Events

  • OnBefore
  • OnAfter

Custom Events

Application events are custom events fired by application code using the FireEvent function.